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Using Redunoise on a 44.1KHz/24 bit wave in Sonar3 gives real loud clicking and cpu spikes if the 'History' setting is over 5.1 or so and I hit the Residue button to see what noise I'm removing.  Since the cpu is now overloaded it may take 10 or 15 seconds to stop the really loud clicking - ouch !

The workaround is to lower the History setting below 5.1 before listening to Residue then put it back during noise removal..

I usually use a History settin of 12.1 so that the artifacts are not audible.


I think this is the problem with CPU peformance.  I've just did some testing on this matter and it works fine here, without clicking.  Possibly you will need to increase audiocard latency to get rid of clicking.

BTW, the noise learn is almost ready.  A couple of tweaks and it will be done.

OK - thanks Aleksey I'll check out the settings on my side.

I thought I had 'stretched' all of the settings so I was pretty surprised when the clicking started tonight.

Oh - now I know what's different - I changed sound cards.  I was using an Audigy2 Platinum Ex for monitoring - I just switched over to the Audiophile 2496 last week .  That's it I'll bet I need to reconfigure it.  Ooops sorry about wasting your time.

Thanks for getting the noise learn ready - it will really speed things up !



since the noise learn feature has been announced, I#m passing by nearlay every day to see if it is up already - my credit card ready to be charged for it.  I've been checking the demo version and I'm totally convinced that the performance of the redunoise seconds to none.  A greaz product really!

Regarding the tons of samples and takes to be treated I would appreciate the to see the noise learn feature really soon.  I'll buy it immediately!



I'm sorry for a delay in releasing the beta version with noise learn support.  I hope to finish it pretty soon.  Thanks for interest!

Lukow - you want this too, eh ?  Cool !

I think Redunoise will kick serious butt once the noiselearn comes out !

Once it comes out I was thinking about challenging a Waves guy to a friendly shootout !

PS - I just remembered, the demo files really don't do Redunoise justice IMO !  It is way better sounding.


BTW, the latest beta is available.  It has that noise learn function.

BTW, I've also removed a bug in the 'Residue' function.  Possibly, this bug caused loud clicking you've heard.  Now it should be gone.

Hi Aleksey,

I down loaded the latest Redunoise last night and used it briefly - thanks for the Learn function - very fast to set the threshold now !

I didn't get the clicking so you must've fixed it !



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