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Hi Aleskey,

I'd like to ask for Redunoise to 'learn' a short section of the broadband noise I want to remove.  Someone else suggested this already too.

It would be real handy if the 'Threshold' curve would be set to the 'learned' shape (would that be 1024 points then ?) and optionally the Trans Band too but I'm not sure about that one yet.

Maybe there would be a 'global' learn and individual parameter pages would have a 'set to learned shape', or whatever you call it, button.  Possibly the number of points would be selectable too - I'm not sure about that one either.

Thanks for considering this !


This is on my 'todo' list.  However, max control point count is 96, only (otherwise preset files could be very large).

Trans Band can be left unchanged (simply leave it as a horizontal line).

Thanks Aleksey,

I'm playing around with another tool I have and it would seem that 64 or 96 control points are very sufficient across the entire 20-20KHz spectrum otherwise you begin to get certain artifacts from the downward expansion.

64 points are approx 1/6 octave spacing so 96 points would be approx 1/9 octave which is pretty tight.

In certain cases I could de-select point to simulate a type of 'feathering' to smooth the effect of the processor in certain octaves ?  It sounds like the number of control points might be optional up to max 96 ?

Anyway the other tool I have listens to the selected portion of the wave, draws the spectrum of it, then optionally allows the threshold and transition band(s) to fit the spectrum.

Since that's simply automating what I normally do using Redunoise (threshold and transition curves) I think it would nice to add that feature - automation makes life easier for sure.

You mention above though that transition band could be left flat - does that mean you only look at a single dB level of the transition band and not various points along the curve?

Thanks Aleksey !


Hi Aleksey,

Now I understand what you mean about the 'Transition Curve' being flat if I have it correct in my other post.  The setting 'Trans Band' sets the width of the Transition Band which naturally follows the curve of the Threshold curve you have set.

Even though there might be a reason to set the Trans Band to different values for particular bands it is something that need to be set manually by the user - not something that should be set automatically.

The user has to decide what EQ bands neede to have instant noise reduction - or which ones need to have more gradual noise reducion.

For now I think my Trans Band width will be equal across the entire spectrum meaning it will be a flat line.


Kyle, I'm glad you've understood what Trans Band is!  Automatic noiseprint capture is planned for sure.  However Trans Band will need user treatment in any case.

Hi Aleksey,

Looking forward to the noiseprint with great enthusiam and anticipation.

IMO Redunoise already beats Arboretum Ionizer in both feature set and final sound for broadband noise reduction (like tape hiss).  It beats Virtos also, a pretty good NR I mentioned in another post.

Maybe someone will come in here and say if it beats Waves X-noise, the feature set appears to beat it, price - of course, I don't have Waves so I couldn't say about the sound.


Hi Aleksey,

Just checkin in to see if you had a chance to work on the Noiseprint or Learn yet - I think it would make my work go a lot faster.  I'm trying to get some 'Christmas Presents' finished - he he.



Noise learn function will appear in the next couple of days I hope.
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