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Forums     Plugins     Redunoise Just discovered a bunch of hissy cassettes...

...and I just got paid, hmmm what should I buy - Redunoise maybe ?

How about it all you Redunoise users - anyone transcribing tapes to digital and using Redunoise for hiss reduction ?  What are your experiences and some good settings (ones that make sense to transfer to other environments)



Hey kylen

Buy Redunoise.  As usual, Aleksey has found a cooler, more elegant solution.

I used Waves X-Noise with so-so results (geez, I'm getting pissed off about the money spent on Waves!), but Redunoise gives you so much more control over the sound you eliminate.  With Redunoise you have the chance to focus on the exact sounds you want to axe.  Waves typically makes too many choices for you...

I can't recommend any general settings.  Just enjoy the control.

Aleksey hasn't been around the forum too much lately.  I hope that means he's cookin' up something new!


BTW, Redunoise is pretty good for removing cassette-type hiss.  For vinyl, it's not the full solution since vinyl records have thumps and crackles while Redunoise can't remove these in an elegant manner, but as a step in the vinyl denoising Redunoise is still pretty usable.

Thanks John !  I see you're back from Europe - hope you took Aleksey out to lunch - Ha Ha

Yes I'm beginning to loose some of my Waves 'envy' after getting an outboard piece or 2 and redoing the acoustics (in progress) in my little DIY garage world.

Thanks for the Redunoise recommendation.  I ordered it last night and see my license is here this morning (was here last night I'm sure but didn't check).  I tried out the demo and it seemed cool enough to try out on some serious items.  Judging from the past if it needs a few tweeks Aleksey would be right in there fixing it up for us customers !

Aleksey - yes this seems like a great broadband tool, I've got Cool Edit Pro and Sound Forge NR for clicks along with a couple other cheaper solutions (like buying the CD - Ha Ha that works too!).  I'll be working with Redunoise once I get my acoustic treatments in place.

My motto this month - What good is good equipment when it's in a room where it doesn't sound good ?

Motto #2 (for later on in the month) - Good equipment will sound even better in a good room.


I could not agree more about X-Noise.

It used to be the best of a bad bunch, hardware units such as the Cedar excepted, and then along came Audition with it's built in stuff that is superior to Waves.

Now ReduNoise, and as I posted elsewhere it makes X-Noise sound so chirpy in comparison.

Waves are over priced and seriously over rated.

These days, all I seem to use are UAD-1 and Voxengo plugs with Nuendo.

Occasionally I may use other stuff such as the TL EQ, but to be honest, I do not use much else.

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