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When I first downloaded the Redunoise alpha I was extremely excited about it and ready to purchase it on the spot.  I had been working with Waves X-Noise for a few hours on a piece of material which had a lot of noise (old VCR dubbed tape) and was not having very good luck.  I installed the Redunoise alpha and within 20 minutes I was getting much better results than with Waves.  I was hooked and ready to purchase it then.  I just downloaded the final version (overwriting the alpha), and I must say I do not care for it at all.  The way the controls are laid out with the Threshold, Reduction, etc. is a lot harder to work with than the previous layout.  I understand that it ends up giving much more control, but to me it is much more time consuming, and it's a lot harder to see exactly what is happening since you only see one parameter at a time.  I can't just sit down, and tweak a few knobs and get good results, its a lot longer time investment than I want to spend (especially with a lot of NR work I do, where the focus is more getting 95% quality in a few minutes vs.  99% quality over more time).  I'm pretty much indifferent at this point, and I don't know if I will be purchasing it.  Is there any way to provide the alpha version gui for download as well?  It was _exactly_ what I needed.

Also, there is not an option where you can listen to only what is being filtered out.  I know this was mentioned before, and you were thinking about implementing it, but to me (and I'm sure a lot of other people) it is a "must-have" feature.

Nevermind about the option to listen to what is being filtered out, I noticed it is the "Residue" option.  That's excellent.  My concerns about the GUI still stand though.

Yes, this newer version is kind of 'advanced' now.

But believe me, you don't end up investing more time to it.  The only real difference is that you have to define the Threshold curve.  Everything else is easy - you can even use the default values.

So, after tuning the Threshold and Reduction curves, you are almost finished.  For finer adjustment you can also tune the Transition Band curve.

Moving the two-point line is easy: simply click on the 'select all' (or double-click the right mouse button on the control surface) and move any of the two points up or down: *VERY EASY*

Believe me, after spending some time learning Redunoise, you can get pretty good results within 1-2 minutes, with almost any noisy program material.

Thanks for plug-in evaluation!

I've been playing with it more, and I've been getting better results.  The demos helped quite bit.  I just placed my order :)

Now you just need to make a de-clicker and de-crackler for restoring vinyl and I'll be set, hehe.

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