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Forums     Plugins     Redunoise handles won't respond after audio plays

I am running sonar x1 and trying to use the redunoise plugin to clean up some dialog tracks.  I'm running into an issue where if I open sonar and then the plugin, the handles are responsive and allow me to move them around.  However, once I hit play they are locked and I can't move them anymore.  Even if I stop playing the audio.  So, I have to close sonar and reopen it again to adjust the handles but now there's no wave form shown in the window so I can get an idea what I'm doing.

Are you using Sonar 64-bit?

No, 32

Sorry, I have no idea what is wrong.  One thing I can suggest is to disable XRay in Sonar - I remember it was giving issues with plugins that updated their UI frequently (e.g. real-time spectrum analysis).
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