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I have downloaded and tried the Redunoise (1.6) demo on a film dialog track and found it to be an excellent tool.  I would now like to purchase it but noticed some limitations in the compatibility section that make me hesitate.  Are there any plans in the near future to update this fine VST?  If so what will the update include?  Right now the limitations I see are:

1 - May not work with Windows versions that expose more than 2 GB of available memory to the host audio application.

2 - May not work correctly with some 64-bit host audio applications via bridging.

3 - Large CPU utilization

4 - Very High Buffer settings needed.

Thanks so much for your help


DeSiRe Music Productions

Unfortunately, Redunoise won't be updated anywhere soon.  I do plan to update it to work in 64-bit hosts natively.

However, large CPU utilization and the requirement of high buffer setting can't be fixed easily.

Thanks for the response Aleksey,

I have spent a bit of time over the last few days on a film dialog track with this VST demo and am impressed with the results compared to my "trusty" S.Forge NR2 app.  I also compared it to Sonnox NR and felt the same way.

Basic broadband noise is pretty easy but I am also having good success pulling out things like airplane drone noises which is not easy.

The one area I am having trouble understanding is the Trans Band.  I have researched most of your web site help files and You-Tube but still am having trouble.  It appears to be a bias type function but I am spending to much trial and error time trying to get it set right.  I am usually on pretty tight production schedules and need to be more efficient.

1 - In your opinion is it best to keep Trans Band as a straight line or modify by copying the threshold curve, etc.?

2 - Do you have any example videos or tutorials available that show exactly what this function does and best way to use it? - Sorry to ask but I really want to be able to use this VST without it taking so much time to tune.

3 - Do you have an idea when the 64 bit update will be happening?

I am currently running under 32 bit but plan to move to 64 bit in the very near future.

Thanks again for your support...and great plug-ins!!


DeSiRe Music Productions

TransBand is a kind of "knee" control in the compressor.  It specifies region (in decibel) "no noise reduction" to "full noise reduction".

I can't tell you when 64-bit upgrade will be available exactly.

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