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I'm using Redunoise to reduce tape hiss from cassette recordings.  I get artifacts in the 2000-8000Hz range.  Using the transband, attack and release is still a bit of a mystery when trying to get rid of the artifacts(if that's what they're called) and maintain those frequencies.

Can anyone offer any tips?

Do you mean these "artifacts" are preset in the recording?

No.  I don't know if it helps to know but these are all solo and duo piano live recordings.  I have plenty of space on these recordings of no sound at all- only the sound of the room.  I usually take some sections of this and put it at the front of the wave and do the noise learn on that.  Then I copy that to reduction.

I find that putting the reduction and trans band bars at about the middle of the graph, or a bit lower, gives the best results but I find myself wanting to leave in more of the tape noise these days as long as the noise is consistent.  Very often it isn't though, especially at the beginning of the tapes.

I'm experimenting with lowering the reduction bar and the trans band as opposed to adding it some dry mix.

As far as these "artifacts", (swishing sounds), I find that frequencies in the 4Khz range are the hardest to deal with and I guess it's just a side effect inherent in the use of noise reduction. i wanted to provide some info on my routine in using Redunoise and hopefully other users will do the same.  It has done wonders for some recordings but for others not so much.

A correction- it's not the trans band that's a mystery, it's the use of attack and release.  As I understand the the History tab- it is used along with the trans band.  It seems to work best for me set somewhere in the bottom third of the graph.

Swishing is unfortunately mostly an unavoidable artifact when heavy noise reduction takes place.  You can only reduce noise reduction level to make this artifact less obvious.

Attack/release settings coupled with History do allow reduction of swishing artifacts.  As a quick suggestiom, you may try using larger history value (around 12), low attack value (around -3) and high release value (around 0).  This setting is good at filtering constant noise while allowing most transients to pass through.  If transients are eaten away too much you may lower the History value further.

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