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The results I get from Redunoise are very good but I'm looking to make things a little faster if possible.

I have unable to find a quick way to move all bands at once (specifically up/down) - is it only possible by box-selecting the whole spectrum display?  I've been looking for hidden ways like ctrl+shift+drag or even dragging the Threshold button/Reduction button itself up/down - it was worth a try ;)

Ideally I think it would be really helpful to be able to modifier-drag all points up & down while preserving the X axis (frequency of all points) - am I missing a trick that is already available, or could this be a good product suggestion?

Many thanks,


When you are dragging a segment, the movement is horizontally-constrained.

Aha - I'd been dragging the points themselves, rather than the line between them.  That's very useful Aleksey, thank you!  I also see that works in Soniformer which is helpful.

I'm guessing there's no key or mouse command to select all points, but I'm learning tricks all the time so very happy with that.

Yes, there's no key to select all points available.
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