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I do some noise reduction, and very often need to do some notch-eq filtering as well as broad band noise reduction.

The eq (make-up) section in Redunoise is very transparent and it is possible to boost or cut very narrow frequencies as well, but I miss the opportunity to dial in a fundamental frequency, number of overtones and select Q and boost/cut db values.  And then have Redunoise generate a notch filter based on those settings.

This would be a very valuable addition to redunoise, and make my workflow much easier.  I've tried other hum and buzz removal tools, but generally don't like the quality of them.

But thanks anyway for a very nice noise reduction plug-in.

Well, I do not plan to implement such feature in Redunoise, but this feature may be implemented in "power line buzz" removal plug-in which I may produce in the future.

Sounds almost as nice as having it implemented directly in Redunoise.

Just one thing: When you say 'power line buzz' removal, I wonder if it's only for removal of 50-60Hz and harmonics, or if it is for removal for harmonic distortion in general?

A lot of mechanical noise is harmonic distortion as well, or at least contains elements of harmonic distortion.  E.g. some harddisks generate a high pitched sound around 1000 hz and harmonics.

Also: I wonder if it is possible to make a notch-eq that lock on to the noise.  Some times the fundametal frequency changes a bit, and in that case it would be very convenient if you didn't have to manually dial in the new frequency every times it changes.  I understand that this automatic kind of approach has some disadvantages, but it would certainly be very convenient in some cases.

Well, I look forward to try your new plug-in anyway.

Best regards

Yes, I do plan to make frequency adjustable, and probably implement pitch tracking.  However, since I'm busy working on other plug-ins right now, this plug-in is not going to be implemented soon.

I won't hold my breath then.  But nice to know that you have plans for it.

Thanks anyway - I really like your plug-ins :)

Thanks for your support!
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