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Greetings everybody!

I'm a complete newbie at this digital audio stuff, but I must say that I'm delighted, though somewhat overwhelmed, with Redunoise.  I am eager to learn to put this thing to good use, but I have a few questions.  I'm using Redunoise to recover some otherwise unintelligible content from some old cassette tapes.  I actually had Redunoise set up doing an astonishing job at cleaning these tapes up, but it was all by trial and error.  I didn't know to save my settings as a preset, and I have since lost the settings and have never been able to duplicate it.  Here are my questions:

Is the threshold envelope supposed to mark the entire spectrum, or no?  In the manual, it seems implied that only the parts of the spectrum "behaving in a noisy pattern" are to be marked (by the way, what constitutes a noisy pattern?).  However, the Noise Learn function seems to mark the entire spectrum, implying that reduction will be applied to the entire spectrum.  This isn't what I want, is it?  How do I determine what to mark with the threshold and what not?

What does the Transband envelope really do?  The Q-A section on this in the manual is just over my head, I am sorry to say.  Also, I'm not sure how to center the transband "around" the threshold curve.  How do you center a line "around" a curve?  And what does the transband envelope actually mark?  The center of the band, or the top?

What does the manual mean when it says that the reduction curve is "closely interconnected with the Threshold and the Transition Band curves"?  How is it interconnected?

Maybe some of my questions are just because of my ignorance of how digital audio really works.  If so, does anyone know of some good resources (preferably internet!) where I can get this information?  I am eager to learn more.

If I could make a suggestion, and if one of you Redunoise wizards feels like doing us beginners a favor, maybe one of you could make a noised and denoised sound file available, with a Redunoise preset (like the demo files) but also with step by step instructions on how the various envelopes where set.  The demos are very helpful act showing the "what" and "how", but the "why" is not readily apparent (to me, anyways).

I'll close by repeating how happy I am with this plugin's performance, and I will greatly appreciate any answers to my questions!

Threshold envelope should not usually be above the spectrum - it should be below, but of course it should be defined for the entire spectrum - in some parts higher, in some parts lower.  Noise learn function acquires an average picture of the spectrum, so this function should only be used on noise part without any signal.  If used so, it usually creates a good threshold envelope.  Noise learn does not 'sample' the noise and then magically subtracts the noise - it only helps to get the threshold envelope.

Transband is a transition band - it specifies offset above and below the threshold envelope where noise reduction occurs.  So, signal of power above ( threshold + transband / 2 ) is not affected.  Signal of power below ( threshold - transband / 2 ) is affected maximally.

(I should have used two threshold envelopes really, for easier understanding - but this may be implemented in the next verison only).

I cant get it to work, I added it in my plug in but nothing comes out and it doesnt show in my desktop to,but it says downloaded, HELP

bilatinamu, make sure you are using Redunoise with an audio host application.  Redunoise is not a standalone program.  Please refer your audio host application's manual for the guide to setup VST plug-ins.
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