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I downloaded the trial version and had no luck at all reducing wind noise.  I will GLADLY buy the plug if anyone can provide me a setting that significantly reduces the wind without killing the audio too badly (I am not expecting miracles).

Here is a short clip with the wind noise isolated:

Here is a short clip with the wind noise in a music sample:

I'm not sure it can be done, but if anyone wants to try!!!!!!

- tim

Such wind noise cannot be removed with broad-band noise removers.  In fact, it is a very unfortunate kind of noise - it causes saturation and thus completely removes 'good' part of sound during wind blows.

As in many cases with wind noise, the only good solution is to use strong wind screens on the mics.

I think EQ will do best here.  Of course, Redunoise can be used as well, but it will basically like an EQ since there's no excessive broad-band noise present.

well, like i said, I didn't think it could be done.  Thanks for listening and your comments !!


that's no noise.  It's mic saturation broking signal.

I tried some noise reducing and clip restoration with Audition but, beside a drastically reducing of music quality, there is a prior loss of musical information due wind's bumping.



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