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I am evaluating purchasing Redunoise, and fiddled with the demo but could not easily figure out how to do this:

I have vocal track that was recorded live, outdoors, without a windscreen.  Is there any way to easily remove the wind noise?  It appears to span a range of frequencies that is not easily removable by eq alone.  I can isolate a short segment that has mostly just the wind noise.  How would I proceed from there?

To remove those wind blows you may try to set the threshold above the 'wind' peaks you see on the analyzer window.  Then set the Reduction envelope to anything above 0 dB.  This should immediately lower the power of signal which is below the threshold (wind blows).  Make sure threshold envelope does not lower signal in other important parts of the spectrum.

So you can tune the curve of the threshhold envelope so that it only impacts those parts of the frequency spectrum that are affected?  That's great.  If I can make this work you have a sale.

I would imagine this is a common problem to solve.  It would make a nice preset.  If you want I could send you some short clips.

Yes, please send your clips to

Itried out your preset and it does a decent job.  Still some rumble but much reduced, I would guess about 50% or more reduction.  Thanks, Aleksey.

I went ahead and purchased Redunoise, and uploaded the preset (no modifications).


You are welcome!  Thanks for your purchase.
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