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I usually record, mix, and master at 24/44.1 but lately I've been experimenting recording the mixdown to 24/96 and mastering at 96 Khz.  The results are great.  I can definitely perceive a more defined high end.

The problem is now converting from 24/96 back to 24/44.1 so I can burn to CD or encode to MP3.  I have used r8brain free with very good results and I was just wondering which advantage the Pro versions have.

Could someone explain the technical differences between all versions of r8brain and if a Pro version would improve my results?

Thanks :)

With r8brain PRO you get a better high-frequency response (highest frequencies roll-off later than in the free version), zero conversion distortion, better than -144 dB SNR performance, multi-channel WAV file support, minimum-phase (a'la analog) conversion mode.  Batch processing is also a little more convenient.

I'd like to add my thoughts here as a user of both versions.

The Pro version is so well worth the price of admission on one factor alone - the Minimum Phase conversion.  Even if there were no other differences between the two, this is worth the price of admission alone.

The difference when using MinPhase is astounding.  Everything sounds so much more human and a heck of a lot better.

Aleksey - does the free version use whole numbers only?  It's been a while since I used it & cannot remember.

If it does not then that is the next best reason to go Pro.

It will downsample from 96KHz to 44.1KHz only using whole numbers - no rounding, no fractions and no quantization distortion.

It is infinitely superior sounding to ANY other SRC I have ever used.

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Free version uses 'sinc table interpolation' kind of resampling - it's the second best method after whole numbers resampling.

Damn.. sounds like I need to by that pro version.  Will demo the thing now.

Cheers! :)

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