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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO converted File sounds like White Noise in Nuendo 3 ?

Hi Guys,

I'm trying the demo versionbefore I purchase and here's what's happening.

R8B pro converts a 32/96 file to 32/44,..  Ok

open the converted 32/44 file in Nuendo 3.0 to do a Apogee final dither to redbook.

file plays back as staticy white noise in Nuendo 3 ?!?!?

the app seems simple to use I doubt I'm doing something wrong.

what gives ?



Pete, this is something new.  There were no problems with that to date.  Probably, new Nuendo update?  Anyway, could you send me a short 32/96 audio clip exported from Nuendo for conversion?  I would like to check this out and fix it as soon as possible.  Please send via e-mail to (you may send even a couple seconds of audio).

thanks for the reply,

my mistake, I did not check the drop down box as the " target" was set at 32 bit from a 32 floating file that caused the noise.

When set at the correct 32 bit float target,. all is fine.

thanks again


OK, good, probably Nuendo does not recognize 32-bit integer format correctly.  Indeed, it's still fine to use 32-bit float format, or any other format beside 32-bit integer instead.

Nuendo does not recognise 32 bit fixed point period.

It's up to 24 bit fixed, or 32 bit FP

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Nuendo does not recognise 32 bit fixed point period.

It's up to 24 bit fixed, or 32 bit FP

Adobe Audition too!

I just discovered this issue getting crazy with a simple test!

I created a 30 sec 96KHz/32bit no signal wave file (Audition->Generate->Silence...->30 sec)

Then I converted into a 44.1KHz/32bit (fixed) with R8B pro

I opened the _r8bp.wav with Audition and...

Finally, searching the forum I found the solution...

Ergo...  Search the forum before to cry...


andrea musica barocca oggi...

...andrea riderelli & aliusmodum...

la musica barocca oggi

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