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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Intersample Peaking with min phase?

I was curious if intersample peaking (when converting 48 to 44.1) is a concern when using min phase.  Since you are resampling using a virtual A/D converter i would think there would be no peaking.  Is my little brain correct in thinking this?


I'm not sure what kind of problem you see with this.  The MinPhase mode may introduce higher peaks than the LinPhase mode - this is the nature of non-linear-phase filtering.  If you are resampling a peak-limited song I suggest you to use 'Normalize' (prevent clipping) option.

You shouldn't see any inter sample peaking at all - assuming that the file has not been slammed with a brickwall limiter to artificially raise the levels.

It is a much better solution to leave plenty of headroom - I recommend recalibrating your system so that -20dB Pink Noise = 0dBFS.

In addition, use an SPL meter on one speaker at a time and set the SPL to 85dB at these levels.

This will give you a close approximation of K-standard levels.

At first, things will sound a little quieter than you might be used to, but when you get used to it and meter correctly with a K-system meter - Elephant has just got this in it's current Beta version, or if you use RME hardware it is available with DigiCheck for free.

Your mixes will travel better too.

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