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New user here.

I wonder if you could comment a little more on the potential sonic differences between linear and minimum phase conversion?  Are there situations or types of music where one might be preferred?  Thanks.


I do not think these modes should be selected depending on the music type.  I think min-phase mode should be always selected when converting to/from 44.1kHz because preringing associated with the linear-phase mode theoretically enters the area of hearing.  For higher samplerates this is hardy the case.  I also suggest you to pay attention to your evaluation - you may or may not prefer the linear-phase mode to min-phase mode.

If I have this right, Lin Phase will prevent any phase smearing at all, and Min Phase, whilst it might give a little amount of smear, is the equivalent of running the audio through a set of seriously sexy DA/AD converters.

I generally prefer the sound from Min Phase conversion - it sounds less "digital" to me.  I know this is a pi55 poor way to explain it, but it's the best I can do.

As Aleksey says though - do both, and play back to see (hear?) which sounds the best to you.

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