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Hi there, I literally just purchased R8brain Pro, and my question is rather urgent, because I purchased it to convert a batch of critical files that are needed to complete a project.

The source files are at 48khz, 24 bit

The result I want is 44.1 khz, 24 bit

But the files have all been recorded really softly, alot of them hover around -20db or less.  So ofcourse i wanted to batch normalize, as there are around 30 files that need this processing.

I load the folder with the files.  I hit output at 44.1khz, leave bit depth at "original" and CHECK the normalize button.

All the files are processed to 44.1khz correctly, and are correctly maintained at 24bit, but none of them are normalized!  To give an example, I tested one in Goldwave and when i normalized it there was a HUGE db difference.  The reason I am wanting to use r8brainpro instead, is because I want the best possible quality.  Any ideas what is going on?


p.s.  I also tested a single file to see if it was a batch problem, but again, it wouldn't normalize

Normalize function of r8brain PRO is not designed to make the track level equal.  Normalizing is engaged only if the clipping occurs in the resulting file.  So it is merely a counter-measure against clipping and is not designed for inter-track level normalization.  So after doing samplerate conversion you may use Goldwave for level normalization.

To retain quality you may convert to 32-bit before doing final normalization.

SO what you are saying is, it does normalization clip repair if something is OVER odb, but does not do volume GAIN normalization.

oh well. how annoying.  No offence, but you should choose your wording better.  Anyone in the audio industry takes normalization to mean volume gain to 0db, so I have been totally misinformed and therefore feel I have just spent $119 USD to many (160 in my money).  Thanks alot.

The last thing an SRC needs is gain normalization.

Normalization to what?

What reference?

If you are batching a multitrack, random normalization to 0dB would be a bloody disaster to put it mildly.

And are you talking peak or RMS?

If peak, it makes little or no difference as the maximum level of a transient is not related to the volume of the audio as our ears percieve it.

And RMS normalization requires a reference file to normalize to.

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why would it be a disaster?

Sound Forge does batch normalization and sample rate and other functions all in one go, it's just that I thought I'd save money by getting R8BP.

Is it not possible fo ryou to understand that thatr's how I took the meaning of normalization?  In the docs and web page it says there is a normalize function?

I am talking peak by the way.

I had to do each one by one in goldwave and it took bloody ages, but normalizing these files is EXACTLY what i wanted and produced the result I wanted, so it was NOT a disaster.

Who cares whether it's right or wrong, the product in my eyes doesn't do what i perceived it would, i have already asked 4 other people in the industry, and they agreed, they would have thought it meant both ways normalization.

So i;m not the only one.  Read the docs and see.

Aleksey, can I use this as credit for another purchase then? or a refund?  Because really i would rather spend a little extra and get sound forge in this case.  I wanted to buy many of your plugins anyway, so maybe we can work something out? does regnow have a refund policy?  I mean it's only been a few hours. thanks.

Theodore, we can go two ways: 1.  You e-mail me via and I will refund your purchase.  2.  I will implement 'unconditional' peak normalization feature so that you can specify dB peak value you wish to normalize the file to.  This will of course work in batch processing, too.  Let me know what do you want.

I'm sorry the function of Normalize option was not described in enough detail.  I have fixed this and an updated user's manual will be available with the next release.

By the way, I have just posted a beta 1.2b of r8brain PRO which implements standard peak normalization function and also a couple of other things.

Feature is preferred over refund, thanks for implementing it, i aprreciate the fast response.  As you now I briefly left the audio scene, I will be emailing you soon regarding some other questions regarding mass purchase of your other plugins (again lol).

Also, when will non beta of r8 be available?


Non-beta may become available pretty soon.  But I suggest you to check it out right now - the improvements were pretty minor so I don't think it is an unstable beta.
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