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I am running Windows 10 Pro Build 16299.rs3 release.1709-1534

I've tried installing and running r8brain pro in this environment and the running of the installed application fails with the now current Windows defaults.  I've been experimenting with the Windows Defender Program Exploit protection and finally got r8brain to run.

I'm going to go back through and enable the Windows defaults one by one until r8brain again fails to run in this environment.  It may take me a day or two on this.  Hopefully it would only be a simple recompile with different switches or something like that to make the program run with all the new Windows defaults back in place.

With Windows 10 Microsoft keeps changing so much of the overall game and really without warning.  I've got other software that has now been failing as well.  Even some Windows processes fail from time to time, uh, like Explorer of all things.  Linux anyone?  Well, maybe not, but I was hoping for it years ago...


->Update and Security

->Windows Defender

->Open Windows Defender Security Center

->App & Browser Control (now go to the bottom of the page)

->Exploit Protection Settings

This page comes up to the default system settings.

Select the following from the top of the page.

->Program Settings

-> + Add program to customize.

Once again I managed to duplicate - drat.

Just to repeat, r8brain used to work in windows 10 pro until some update.

Here are the settings I have to apply manually, and r8brain will now work.

DEP: Manually turn off for r8brain.

Validate exception chains (SEHOP): Manually turn off.

Sorry you are having an issue.  I personally do not have such issue on my Windows 10 Pro, so I can't even debug it.  Seems to be not a common issue or I would certainly receive more issue reports.

I sure didn't sign up for the pre-release program from Microsoft.  That would have not been good anyway on this machine.

I don't believe there were any settings for available for this even several Microsoft releases back except for DEP which was a machine wide setting under a different panel and went all of the way back for many years and for other versions of the OS.  Exceptions could be added there, but I've NEVER had to modify anything there before.

Hopefully then this will help some people that might have an issue.  I did get the program working with the above settings and am working on getting other programs to run that have quit running as well.

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Yep, this is the place to go to get those 32 bit programs functioning again that used to work fine.  What a messy and somewhat dangerous way to deal with this.  At least there are not that many 32 bit programs not working on my machine.

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Thank you!

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