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Hello I am also posting my question here - I did send an mail with the same topic:

If I have put a ceiling of -0,35dB on my mastered file in 48kHz and use the MIN or LIN phase algorithm....can I set the "prevent clipping" to off and be at least audible safe of distortion on my 44,1k file after R8Pro SRC ?

When I use the "prevent" clipping - my different files sometimes have been lowered and sometimes others have not - even if the ceiling from my Ozone 8 Maximizer is set to -0,35dB on all songs.


Sample rate conversion involves filters, that's why some occasional overshoots may happen.  I think distortion won't be audible if you leave the prevent clipping off.

Just curious.....woluld you/someone recommend doingthe SRC before the mastering of the material..or as I did....doing the SRC last in the chain?

True peak limiting was what I used in the Ozone 8 mastering and also did the dithering from 32bit to 16bit there....the R8Pro can also do the dithering....does tht matter in what plugin I do that you think?

Checking the 16 44,1 CD files in a CD player for traces of distortion is anyway an good advice or?


It's not necessary to do mastering after SRC, but dithering should be performed after SRC - r8brain PRO does TPDF dithering, but if you need another type of dithering you should SRC to 32-bit and apply dithering afterwards.

There won't be distortions you can trace, only occasional clipping if you SRC a peak-limited material.

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