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Hi Alexsey,

I've been using lots of Voxengo plugins for a long time.  They're great and I thank you so much for creating them at such reasonable prices.

It seems some of the Voxengo products are updated often while others are never updated.  One such plugin is R8Brain Pro.  It sure would be great if some of these older products got some love and updates! :-)

I've been r8Brain Pro for many years now.  I've been using it to convert 96K or 48K to 44.1 for CD releases.  But now, I'm starting to record at 192K and 352.8K.  I record full 90 minute concerts like this, and the files are HUGE - 6GB to 16GB.

Part of my process is to do all of the mastering at the original sample rate (e.g.  192K) as one big concert length track, and then SRC down to 44.1 for the final CD release.  After SRC, I 'split' the file into tracks for the CD.  These recordings are typically live concerts, so there is no 'complete silence' between tracks.  It flows as a single 90 minute audio event.  Splitting after SRC eliminates any concern of a 'click' being heard between tracks.

This production method has worked well in the past with my 96K recordings.  But now I have this 90 minute 192K 32 bit floating point WAV file (RF64) that's almost 8GB.  I loaded it into r8Brain Pro, and r8Brain choked.  I got the following error:

"Error occured while processing file <filename>

001 - Not recognized as a supported file

Do you wish to continue processing the remaining files?"

The problem is not the sample rate or the floating point.  I can convert smaller 192Kx32bit files.  My guess is that r8brain pro can't handle the RF64 WAV format, which is becoming the industry standard for WAV files that exceed 4GB in size.

Is there any PCM format for which r8brain can handle files sizes larger than 4GB?  If so, which format?  I'm kind of thinking that in 2006 when r8brain came out NO ONE was dealing with files of this size, so I doubt r8brain pro can handle it.

So. . .  Any chance that R8Brain Pro can get an update?  It sure would be great if the next version could support W64, RF64, FLAC and other file encoding standards as well, with sample rates up to 384K.  Perhaps even some shaped noise dithering.  You might be able to get the extended file format support without much coding effort if you use the libsndfile library:

And hey, another new feature that a bunch of audiophiles would like would be a super-high-quality PCM to 1X, 2X, 4X, and 8X DSD converter.

PS: Other products I own for which I'd love to see an update: Pristine Spaces and Impulse Modeler.  I'm sure I'm not alone in wanted to see updates to all of these old gems.  They still work well, but their age is showing.

Thanks again for all the great audio tools!

Sorry, but larger files are not supported.  The development of r8brain PRO stalled, so I can't tell when a new version with support of larger files becomes available.  RF64 reading and writing will be implemented for sure.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.