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I am using R8Brain Pro to upsample CDs to 24/88.2.

To my ears Linear phase sounds much better than Min phase for this application.  Was this to be expected?

Also, there is a difference between normal and Ultra-Steep filtering.  Which one should give the best results?


The MinPhase mode indeed sounds different to the LinPhase mode.  The use of the MinPhase mode is optional, it may sound better or worse than the LinPhase mode depending on the sound material since it has a non-linear phase response.

In practice, the audible difference between normal and UltraSteep mode may be minimal.  UltraSteep mode was technically designed to guarantee no aliasing, but that does not mean it sounds objectively better.

Thank you very much!

In any case I am very happy with r8brain pro which seems to be more mathematically correct than competitors...

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