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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Dithering and built in Elephant limiter algorithm?

Hi Aleksey & Voxengo team,

Would it be possible in future updates to this awesome converter to add dithering and one of the Elephant limiter algorithms?

It'd streamline the mastering process quite a lot as I'm doing all mastering at 96kHz and then downsampling to either 44,1kHz or 48kHz (for video stuff).  During this downsampling there are naturally some peaks that go over 0dBFS so I was wondering if it would be possible to add an automatic process where R8Brain Pro first downsamples using 32bit float, then once the downsampling is completed it'd dither down to 16bit and include a limiter algorithm which takes care of the peaks so that we get no nasty surprises.

This would be a very handy all-in-one tool and would cut down on a lot of manual work.  The algorithms in Elephant (especially the latest ones :-) ) are absolutely superb and can easily deal with an occasional peak over 0dBFS.

Btw.. does R8Brain pro have any built in dither at the moment?  If I go from a 32bit file straight to 16bit.. is there any dithering?



r8brain PRO features TPDF dithering.  The limiter idea is understandable and was sounded by others in the past, but I think it goes beyond r8brain PRO's purpose.

If you want to have a streamlined approach, you may limit the original track with the ceiling of -0.3 dBFS.  To my knowledge, a further linear-phase sample rate conversion won't go over 0 dBFS.  There can be 1-sample occasional overs, but they are better handled with clipping rather than limiting algorithm.

So, in practical situations there is no need in a limiter in r8brain PRO - if you did the limiting right before sample rate conversion.

2x or 4x oversampling is very important when doing limiting as it eliminates intersample overs that may popup after sample rate conversion.
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