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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Any plans for improving R8Brain Pro

We've had the R8Brain Pro around for a few years now and in that time other convertors including some open source free ones have caught up.

Any plans to improve the R8Brain Pro algorithms further in a future update?, perhaps giving more controllable options to the user, like the steepness and/or shape of the passband and transition filters?.

That would be really really cool to have that extra level of control.

I've personally always prefered the sound of the Ultra Steep filter set to OFF as things start sounding a little brittle with it on to me.  To have even more control to find a good middle ground would be great!.

We definitely have plans to work on r8brain PRO further, but this is not of much priority at the moment.  The algorithm will be improved to some degree - but not seriously as it is high-quality already.  Additional control for slopes may be added as well.

Thanks for the reply, good to know there are at least some plans.

Additional controls would be great, in particular if it was possible to lower the filters position and/or reduce the steepness or general shape of slope, in an effort to compromise filter response in return for less pre and post ringing artifacts with both linear and minimum phase modes.

Thanks for your suggestion!
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