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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Volume goes up after run through r8brain

How come r8brain raises my volume (around 2db it seems), but any other conversion software I use doesn't seem to do this?  Seems like that can be a bad thing potentially?  I usually master to around -0.3 and it opens up as 0.0 now whenever I run it through r8brain.

It does not rise the overall volume, but resampling process can naturally increase the peak level of the track, this is unavoidable.

I guess working on 88khz projects is a bit new for me, I'm used to limiting to -0.3.  Is there a standard limiting number / headroom that kids are using these days for 88khz projects?  Thanks

I suggest you to perform limiting after downsampling to 44.1kHz, not before.

All right, thanks for bearing with me, this is a pretty important topic though in regards to how best use this software.  So:

Mix in my program, then export audio to 88khz 32float

SRC to 44.1 32float

Bring into my audio program and master it

Dither with my favorite dithering technique

The only problem I see with that process is the mastering plugins won't get to play with the full 88khz file.  So the other approach would be:

Mix, export

Master with light or no limiting and no dithering

SRC to 44.1 32float

Bring back in to audio program and limit and dither

Each approach seem to have a negative side to them.  So what's the best?


You can disable the limiter after limiting to the required level (the level will go down), then perform SRC, and then apply limiter with settings used during mastering.  This can't be done better than that I think.
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