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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Want to see if I have this process down

I just bought r8brain.  So I'm mastering and here's what I was thinking of doing.  If any one can confirm this process, that would be great (gr8t!)

Master my song, source file is 88khz 32-float

Add one of my good noise-shaping dither plugs

Save the file as 88khz 32-float

Open it in r8brain and convert to 44khz 16-bit using various settings (no additional dithering)

Is this the right process?


This is not quite correct.  It's better to first convert the 88kHz 32-float file to 44.1kHz 32-float, and then use your favorite dithering algo to finally convert the file to 44.1kHz 16-bit.

If you do not care about fancy noise-shaped dithering algorithms you may simply use r8brain PRO's own TPDF dithering.

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