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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO R8brain pro and Windows 7

I just cannot get it to run.

It installed OK, but it will not start.  No error messages.

I installed it with UAC off.

Not sure what may be wrong - it's working fine on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit here.  I was installing it with UAC enabled.

I reinstalled it as administrator and in WinXP compatibility mode, same thing.

r8brain PRO does not start (it tries for 2-3 seconds) and the re-register program does neither.

I'm on a i5 2500 Windows 7 system with integrated graphics.  This is the first soft I install that does not work on my new install ...

Well, accidentally I have exactly the same Intel processor model.  Have you installed all Windows 7 updates already?  I've installed all updates available.

I tried everything.  I tested with several UAC settings, firewall off, AVG completely disabled, stopped several processes that are not necessary.

Still it will not start.

When I open taskmanager, I can see two r8brain processes starting when I open r8brain, they try for 4 seconds end then one disappears and then the other.

Is this normal, why 2 processes ?

I really would like to get this working, this is quite stupid, shouldn't this be really straightforward ?

It should be straightforward, and I do not see a reason for it not working.  Please also make sure you are using the latest r8brain PRO v1.5.

The standard r8brain works without a problem.

The re-register shortcut, what does it do ?  It does not work neither.

Is it normal I can see two r8brain processes trying to start ?

Yes, this is normal - r8brain PRO uses license management system which works that way.  With re-register shortcut you may re-enter your key if you changed the license from Light to Full.

Ahum ...

System properties / Advanced / Performance settings / Data execution prevention /

Turn on DEP for all programs except : was active, and R8brainpro was NOT in the list.  I unchecked this, and turned on DEP for essential Windows progs and services only.

Now it works !

I don't know why all my other programs and plugs worked and r8brain PRO not (R8brain standard did however)

Thank you for the information!
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