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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Can't write AIFFs ?


I just bought r8brain PRO light to resample 44.1 to 48k Aiffs, but disappointed to find that it doesn't write AIFFs, only reads them..

Do you plan to implement this anytime?

Also the website is unclear about the difference between PRO light and PRO full.  Where can I find info on this?


Indeed, the current version does not support AIFF file writing.  I can refund your purchase if needed.  The future version will most probably support AIFF file writing, but there's no date set for its release.

The Light version offers you a linear-phase conversion mode and up to 48 kHz output sample rates only while supporting all input sample rates.

Well I appreciate your offer to refund my purchase.  It's not necessary, I should have checked more closely before buying.

I'd prefer to try to persuade you to continue development of this program.  A search of the forum shows that it's not really on your radar these days.  However, a search of the web reveals a real lack of AIFF conversion programs out there.  I use Cubase on the PC at 44.1K but often have to deliver stems as AIFF 48k.  There must be a lot of composers in a similar situation, willing to pay for the convenience of batch converting.

Thank you for your suggestion!

REAPER has AIFF output in it's Batch converter:
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