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Hi there

Ive been using the pro version for quite some time now, and always importing the convertet 88.2 - 44.1 file back into Protools for 24 to 16 bit convertion + dithering thus the R8 dosent provide noiceshaping.  BUT reading here for the first time to day, i realized perhaps this is overshooting the target.

Im concerned about audio quality but on the other hand my songs isnt about to get airtime any time soon :-)

Should i just use the flat dither in R8 down to 16bit and drop the extra round in Protools...

What is your opinion ?

If you do not need peak-limiting, I would simply use r8brain's dither.

Thanks Aleksey !  I dont peak limit.  I keep my peak levels at approx. -5 dbfs.

Should i do it in one or two steps ?  Meaning convert first and then reduce to 16bits while dithering...


You can do it in one step in r8brain PRO.

Thanks for your time !


You are welcome!
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