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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Considerations when upconverting 44.1 to 48

I will be the proud owner of The Beatles Remasters on the Apple USB stick at Christmas (at least I'm excited about it!).  My logic was to have the best of the stereo remasters by having the 24-bit files, but now comes the dilemma of being able to play them on my home stereo.  The files are 24-bit 44.1kHz FLAC and I've concluded that to burn them to CD would only destroy the higher bit-rate by reducing it to 16/44.

My idea was to make a DVD-V, which requires a frequency of 48 or 96kHz.  I don't have a DVD-A player.  I've made other DVD-V's for audio LP rips at 24/96 successfully using Lplex.  I have Adobe Audition and trust it's sample rate converter amongst its' other host features, but this is too important to leave to chance, hence considering it worth buying r8Brain Pro since it is considered the best at what it does.  I won't likely use it for anything else but to have proper DVD-V discs of these albums is certainly a reasonable price to pay.

1) Am I approaching this correctly?

2) Will this approach allow me to fully realize the full potential of the 24/44.1 files without loss of integrity?

3) Is 48kHz as good an option audio-wise as 96kHz, or to put another way, what would Aleksey do in this situation?

4) Is linear-phase the way to go?

I want to be able to get on this straight-away once I have possession of the USB and trying to get my ducks in a row upfront.  If anyone would like to offer their advice, I'm all ears.  Thank you in advance :-)


I think you are right in that playing audio at 96kHz will potentially sound better - given the 44.1k to 96k conversion is high-quality.  I do not see a reason to go 48kHz, because it will hardly be better than 44.1k.  I'm talking about technical "DAC" aspect here.  I believe (this is arguable, of course) that the DACs sound better when run at higher sample rate, because this allows to put internal DAC reconstruction filters to higher inadudible frequencies.

Linear-phase should be fine.

Ok, that's encouraging.  Regarding the 44.1>48kHz or 44.1>96kHz, I presumed even going to 192kHz and making a DVD-A wouldn't improve the sound quality due to the fact it is already recorded at a lower sampling rate, but I think I understand your logic is on how well the "DAC" potentially sounds running at the higher sampling rate.

I was looking at r8Brain Pro lite just to get me up to DVD-V capability.  DAC quality aside, will the integrity of the musical information be just as well maintained by only going up to 48kHz?  Being non-integer is that less than a proper rate for an artifact-free conversion than if I went to 96kHz or even 88.2 then back down to 48kHz?  I've read some pretty convoluted ideas on how to get from point A to B.  I;m simply trying to get to DVD-V, but will go as high as necessary NOT to damage the original sound files, otherwise I might have well gotten the 16/44 CDs and avoided the risk of diluting the 24/44,1 files.

Thanks for your advice.  Reading my own questions, I sound like a pain in the ass!  I just want assurance I'm going about this process correctly and not missing things that I'd want to take into account..

r8brain PRO retains quality when you go to any higher sample rate, the problem of "non integer" resampling ratios was solved in r8brain PRO.
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