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Can you tell me what the difference in upsampling options there are between the three versions of R8brain?

I'd like to upsample redbook to 176.4/24 but this option is not available in free.

Also, Is there a way to try a feature limited pro lite/pro full to see if there are differences sonically, before dropping (more) cash on software?

Also, on the SRC comparisons of the 1 khz test tone, how does the latest version of pro compare to the earlier versions presented here?



r8brain free uses quite simple resampling technique which can't match r8brain PRO's quality.

r8brain PRO Full/Light use high-quality resampling algorithm, but r8brain PRO Light cannot upsample to sample rates above 48kHz.

r8brain PRO's quality was consistent from version to version.

Thanks Aleksey

Can you tell me what word length and sample rates the user can pick from in pro full?



The possible target bit depths: 8,16,24,32 fixed, 32 float.  Target sample rates are fixed, but there is a lot of them presented - please check them out yourself.

Thanks Alexi.  It looks like pro full is for me.

But first I am going to test the 1 minute demo version.

Can anyone recommend a wav file splitter that is transparant/lossless preferably afree or trial version so I can compare r8brain pro to r8 brain free?

FYI, I have a higly modified multi-format player at the heart of my high end two channel system.

It can play DVD-A up to 24/192 and have always wanted to play with upsampling to see if it is audible to my ears in my system.

Playing high rez DVD-A recordings, especially the HrX recordings from Reference Recordings have shown the potential of high resolution digital.

As for the difference between 24/96 and 24/192.  This is what part of my work/play will tell me.

Thanks again for your help.


You are welcome!
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