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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO CAn i do this like i used to on tape?

Hi I want to pitch like a tape machine to record more material with different speeds =pitches = a al Les Paul

if you get my meaning - this is proving harder then i thought as i have to mess around with sample

rates, any one know of a method or plugin - Abelton can do it with the re-pitch mode,

it has to be live so i can play against the slow down audio so when i put it back to normal

my new audio is pitched up and vice versa - I,m sure you know what i mean, old tape machine styleee!!

i guess i need direct access to the sample rate to adjust it, would that be right?

r8brain cannot be used for real-time re-pitching.

hi Aleksey- would you have an idea how this can be achieved it would make a great plugin, imagine just like a tape style pitch shift, is it possible, i see that the app. reaper is capable of it, thanks .

Thanks for your opinion - but I have no interest in implementing such plug-in.
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