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I tried using r8brain to convert several 24 bit 192kHz wav files to 16 bit 44.1 kHz wav files. r8brain converts the first two minutes successfuly but after that it completes the remainder of the wav conversion by constantly repeating the last sound at the 2 minute mark.  The program fails at exactly 2 minutes to the second.  Since this happens with all the files that I have tried to convert, it is too much of a coincidence for it to fail at exactly the same length of time.  There are no error messages.  I have seen no indication on your web site that the free program is time or input file size restricted.

Are you referring to the free r8brain or r8brain PRO?

That's free r8brain.  I should point out that the WAV file was originally archived in FLAC format.  It is the FLAC file converted to WAV that I'm trying to sample convert.  It is possible that the conversion is adding something unexpected to the WAV causing your program to start looping at 2 minutes, and to continue to loop until it reaches the end of time for the WAV.  I will try to repeat the sample convert with a WAV file that has not been compressed by FLAC.

Yes, please try a plain WAV file.  Also make sure your WAV file does not have any looping after FLAC decompression.
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