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I want to upsample 44.1/16 music to 88.2/24 or higher resolution.  How does r8brain convert 16 bit data to 24 bit data.  Is this done before, during or after the re-sampling?  Is it done by bit shifting / inserting zeros or is a more complex algorithm used?  Is a different algorithm used for the free and paid version?


16 is converted to 24 via 32-bit float format.  Of course, dithering is used before converting 32-bit float to 24-bit fixed.  This is a standard routine when bit-depth conversion is performed together with resampling.

This applies to both free and paid version.

So I assume that the resampling occurs at 32 bit precision irrespective of the input and outbut bit depths.

How does this conversion from 16 bits to 32 bits occur?  Some programs like Sox shift the data by 16 bits to get 32 bits.

Sox's conversion from 16 bit to 32 bit

Is a similar bit shifting used in Voxengo or is a more advanced algorithm used?

16 bit to 32-bit is handled by the CPU automatically - of course, it performs such bit shift.
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