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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Why I think you should include dithering in R8BrainPro

I record at 48k 24b in Cubase or Nuendo and export the mix at 48k 32bfp.  I then SRC via R8 to 44.1 32bfp to then master in WaveLab.  Today I wanted to burn CDs to listen to just the mix (pre Master) and take notes relating to EQ, levels etc for the mastering session.  I SRC via R8BP to burned CDs for analysis (and take notes) but I would have like have applied dither (at this stage) to the "listen to pre mastering CDs".  Otherwise I have to open the file in WaveLab, apply dither and render once again.

Well, r8brain PRO features dithering.  It does not feature noise-shaping, and that's all.  For your situation r8brain PRO's dithering should be quite adequate.

Perfect.  Thanks for the quick reply.  By the way, R8BP in ultra mode to me sounds better than WL Crystal Resampler for 48k 32bfp to 44.1k 32bfp conversion.

You are welcome!  Glad you like r8brain PRO better. ;)
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