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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO What I miss in r8Brain Pro

is the shown estimated time of finishing the operation (very important during batch processing or processing of hige files).  Could that be added in the next update ?

Do you consider upgrading r8Brain to DSD level of conversion as well ?

Seems like I've missed this post of you - sorry...  Calculating time of completion is a bit complex business if batch contains files of several different sample rates.  Linear prediction won't work well.  Anyway, I plan a very serious reworking of r8brain PRO with the hope to make it even more efficient and capable of multi-processor operation without a need to run several instances.

1-bit DSD conversion is technically possible, but I was not able to find information about DSD production technique, including exact file and storage format.  Without knowing these details producing a raw 1-bit stream is useless.

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