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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO Use Lin-phase or Min-phase to resample 96Khz reverb impulse?

I need to convert a 96khz reverb impulse to a 44.1 khz reverb impulse -- should I use linear phase or minimum phase?  My guess is linear phase, since reverb impulses are used to convolute all frequencies of the target music....  I'm afraid minimum phase would "change" the reverb character... am I wrong?

Yes, I think LinPhase should be a better option in the case of impulse responses.  The only possible problem is pre-ringing which requires a bit of leading silence for best conversion (otherwise this pre-ringing will be thrown away thus changing the initial transient a bit).

Thanks!  How many miliseconds or samples of silence do I need to make sure it does not get cut off?

Well, I think 1024 samples should suffice - you may then cut this leading silence depending on the pre-ringing.  In some cases there will be no pre-ringing at all.
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