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Just got one of these.  Will be used only for live concert recordings using DPA 4011's mics.  I have been testing all week.  I want the most musical cd I can achieve.  No time or expense will be compromised.  Best quality control!!

1.) I assume 24 bit recording?  What frequency (up to 192k) should I use?

2.) For only converting to 16/44.1k............Free or light r8brain?  Will I hear a difference?  I am very picky.  I am used to the Nagra IV-S analog recorder.  So I do want the closest reproduction of this 722 recorder to cd.

I tested files by dropping them right to Nero (24/96, 24/88.2, 24/48 etc. etc. and the results were......YUCK!!!

Before deciding to go with Light or Full license, make sure to check MinPhase conversion mode out.  If you do not need MinPhase mode in the end, you may safely buy just the Light license.

I have no clue what MinPhase conversion is.  Please answer the two questions to your best knowledge.  Thanks Aleksey

1) Since Analog-to-digital converters exhibit different sonic qualities at different sample rates, this question cannot be answered with ease.  96k should be theoretically enough.

2) Free version of r8brain is very limited in its quality - you should at least use r8brain PRO Light for best results.  MinPhase is a conversion mode found in r8brain PRO full.

I wanted to compare the free vs pro light but the trail has one minute limit.  Too short of time to get a good read on things.  So I purchased the pro light to give it a good spin.  No doubt a difference.  Aleksey, can you get into some details about the differences in the two?

Is it too late for me to test the minPhase conversion out?  Maybe it will sound even better?

I do not want to leave any stone unturned!

Free version uses a totally different conversion algorithm - it is a correct algorithm, but it is not perfect (it uses partial delay interpolator) whereas r8brain PRO implements 'ideal' algorithm you could find in any DSP book - simply no better algorithms exist there is.

MinPhase mode uses a bit different filter during conversion.  LinPhase uses linear-phase filter while MinPhase uses 'minimum phase' filter which can be also called 'analog' since with some effort such filter can be created in electronic schematic (Bessel filter).

You may try MinPhase mode if you have not entered your key.  After entering your "Light" license key, MinPhase will not be available.

How am i supposed to know if minphase will make the conversion sound better?  Like your recommendation that pro will be better then free? regards Rick

Also can I just pay the difference from the light to the pro if i do need minphase for better sounding transfer?  I just payed a few days ago.

MinPhase mode is a 'variation' of sound, you may not even notice the difference.  It's not a 'better' conversion, it only sounds a bit different.

Upgrade from Light to Full is not available at the moment: however, I can refund your Light license order so you can re-purchase the Full license.

I would like to do this.  The extra features are a good thing.  Rick

Please contact me via Contacts page.
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