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Is there any chance of getting support for AIF files, with both .aif and .aiff extensions, please?  I am getitng a lot of these now, as WAV files have some issues I cannot be bothered to deal with.  Too much hassle with WAV Extensible.

Also - is it possible to use non standard sample rates?

It would be great if I can manually enter a desired sample rate for conversions in POST where I am going from NTSC>PAL & Print Mastering and have to correct for speed changes.

DOing this can be achieved with timestretching, but this can leave artifacts.

Resampling to a specific rate, and then playing back at a different one will do the job with fewer artifacts.

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I remember your request, and this is on my to-do list since your first mention.  However, at the moment as I'm focused on plug-ins mainly, I can't implement AIF saving.  Of course, it will be available in the next major update of r8brain PRO (which will be multi-platform as well).

As for the non-standard sample rates, I'm also working on a solution to support conversion between any arbitrary sample rates.  However, IN/OUT sample rate ratio (e.g.  44100/96000=0.459375) have to be factored (forming a multiplication a0*a1*a2) where each factor can be a number from a given subset of values only.  So, not all sample rates can be covered.

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