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I am new to manipulating digital streams.  I have music recorded in 4 channels digitally, onto an ALESIS HD24XR.  I was able to import as .wav files to computer (WIN XP-Pro).  They sample at 88.2 kHz and I need to get them to 44.1 kHz.

I am hoping that either one of your r8brain products will do the job for me, as that is all I need to do.  Incidentally I tried using Audacity to do this.  When I took the 88.2 file and tried to covert to 44.1 it clearly played at half speed.

So…will your product(s) convert 88.2 to 44.1 successfully.  Thanks in advance.

Also will r8brain products take a multi channel stream in dts and send it to CD?

r8brain PRO does not support DTS: it supports PCM streams only (mono, stereo and multi-channel).  Of course, it will convert 88.2kHz audio down to 44.1kHz correctly.

Thank you for your prompt response, Aleksey.

I was just curious about dts conversion.

Minnetonka makes a product called CD-dts which will import .wav forms, but only at 44.1, which is why I was curious about r8brain.

Which of your two r8brain products should I use for the conversion?


Of course, I would suggest you to try the commercial r8brain PRO.


Your free program r8brain works well for me.  Thank you.

I would like to know the additional benefits from using the commercial program r8brain pro.

Thank you.

The main benefit is conversion quality, plus a better user interface, and support of multi-channel files.

Forgive my naivite'

Regarding multi-channel files: I am able to convert many by "batch".

Would you mind explaining "conversion quality" .

Do you mean that at any given sampling rate the pro version would sound better?

Sorry for all the questions.

Yes, r8brain PRO sounds better, and rejects higher frequencies less.

By multi-channel files I do not mean many files - simply multi-channel files (more than stereo).

1.  Does the pro version of r8brain convert faster?

2.  Will there be a noticeable difference (increase) in sound quality from free-to-pro version?

3.  Will there be noticeable increase in sound quality going from "medium" to "high" or "very high" and does the higher quality involve more number crunching and time to do it?


If you take a .dts file, which is multiplexed from (usually) 24 bit 48KHz sources, and put through the lossy process of DTS encoding, the only way to get it to 44.1KHz is to decode back to PCM when the data that was thrown out at the original DTS encoding process will *not* be replaced.  It is gone forever.

You will then run SRC to 44.1, and throw away ever more data to go to DTS-CD?

Complete waste of time IMHO.

Much better by far to re-record the decoded output from a multichannel DVD player instead, to 24/44.1 on your DAW, and then encode that.

Still far from ideal, as when you throw away data in perceptual encoders, it is gone forever.

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