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i've just bought the Lite Version of r8brain and i would like to share my thought.

Well, the sound test is a soft ballad with little reverb and a very soft and clear drum ride going on with chorus armonization in the background.

The source is Float32bit/48khz, dest is Float32bit/44khz.

My test is done with high end DAW, headphone pre-amp, and SEN HD650.

I've done testing with the full demo-version with min phase, and i can say that indeed (as stated by the author) is "coloured", i can't say good or bad but mof not linear.

With the LinPhase and UltraSteep, the sound room appear "squeezed" or "smalled" with highs that jump a little up but i could say it "breaths constricted" and a little harsher.  The final result is that it sounds little emptied from the original "warmness" and more... "artificial"?  My impression is as if it sounds "less resolution" but "more highs".

The LinPhase without UltraSteep plays really better with little of high (inevitably) lost, but the warmness and the "analogueness" of the source is preserved.

So i can say i'm good satisfied with the result.

My 2 cents.

Thanks for your feedback..  Going from 48kHz to 44.1kHz is a tough comparison: I believe what DAC electronics may bring to your speakers differs a lot at these sample rates.

I have to say after doing some testing myself, I kinda agree with some of what tlen is saying and I dont think this is a DAC playback issue with different rates issue.

Going from 48 to 44, when using linear phase ultra steep on, it seems to make the transients and top end sparkle more than was present in the original source which, as a result can make the soundstage seem just a fraction tighter/smaller.  I wouldn't call it harsher, just noticeably different to the orig.

Using linear phase ultra steep off does to my ears sound closer to the original.

With minimal phase the difference is more subtle between ultra on and off, it is coloured but in a pleasing way that I like.  Again, I'm starting to lean more towards having ultra steep off rather than on.

Could there be something about having such a steep slope and the way our ears interpret higher frequencies that could make it sound slightly unnatural?.

Just to expand on that I've put up an image showing the difference in the top end, and I can't help wondering if its to do with the way the frequency response just suddenly gets cut at the highest point, instead of rolling off as it does in both the original and with ultra steep turned off.  Take a look for yourself:

Well, the upper image shows resampled version of lower sound it seems?  In this case it is correct since upsampling leads to "empty" spectral area - in this case it is area between 22.1kHz and 24kHz.

I think its a matter of taste at the end of the day, I just prefer the sound of the rolloff when Ultra Steep is set to OFF.  I'm just glad that when you designed the Ultra Steep mode, you still gave us the choice, rather than implementing it as default :)

I take it that with ultra switched off its still better algorithms than employed with the R8Brain Free version?

Arksun: I take it that with ultra switched off its still better algorithms than employed with the R8Brain Free version?

Yes, it is.

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