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I presently upsample 16/44.1 wav files to 32Fl/192.0

I have been advised to use 32/176.4 instead because it's an even multiple of 44.1..

176.4 goes much faster with R8Brain Pro than 192..

My host app supports 192 and doesn't have 176.4 as a choice

My output files then are 24/192 - I downsample these to 24/96 with R8Brain pro..

so my question is - should I do the initial upsample at 176.4 or 192.0?


It's up to you, really.  But if 176400 is unsupported I do not see a way how you can use this rate.  Of course, 176400 is a faster path from 44100.

The host allows an input file that is lower than you set as the DSP in the host - so I would assume, the host is doing the upsampling from 176 to 192..

Guess what I'm really asking is do you think that other than the time it takes - that the quality using R8Brain Pro will not matter between 176 and 192 given that 176 is an even multiple of 44?

I think conversion quality of r8brain PRO won't be very different between 176 and 192.  192 does take more processing steps (hence it's slower), but noise is kept low enough to not matter.


Then I'll just stick to 192 all the way through..

thanks for your feedback!

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