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Forums     Plugins     r8brain PRO What Bob Katz said!

Lurking on gearslutz mastering forum I found this:

"Another software that is excellent is R8Brain Pro and also Barbabatch for the Mac." [snip] "I have not really been able to distinguish amongst the sounds of the three as I think all three are excellent and we'e talking about nuances here."


...andrea riderelli & aliusmodum...

la musica barocca oggi

Yeah, I seem know that. :) Bob Katz seems to be a customer here on Voxengo. :)

Oh, really?  What has he purchased?

I am seriously flirting with Sonifomer and HarmoniEQ these days.

Why don't you contact him and request his testimonials?

I do not think I can tell what he has purchased. (but you may guess what, from his comment)
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