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Does r8brain calculate additional samples or just insert empty ones when upsampling?

Of course, it 'calculates' additional samples.  It performs resampling in full accordance with sampling theory.

Hi Aleksey,

I’ve read about dCS Purcell that makes AudioCD’s sounding almost like high res audio.  As I understand, what dCS Purcell does is upsampling, interpolation to calculate new additional samples instead of the empty ones, bit rate converting and noise-shaping dithering.  This is very interesting for me cause I have a lot of CDs I really like but I’m not satisfied with the quality of CD sound.

I could not afford to buy dCS Purcell but possibly I can obtain the same result (meaning the quality of analog output) if I take a 44.1/16 wav file, convert it to 192/32, burn a DVD-Audio and play it back on a DVD-Audio player that supports 192/32 format?

Can I do this using your r8brain PRO for upsampling and Elephant for noise-shaping dithering?  I mean, Is this type of conversion equivalent to what dCS Purcell does to 44.1/16 PCM stream?  Can you suggest anything of that kind to improve sound of original CD tracks?

If you could offer one program solution to do the same thing as dCS Purcell does to 44.1/16 PCM stream I’m sure it would be a real hit for many music lovers.  Why people should buy old music in a new format if they can get better sound listening to their good old CD’s?

I apologise if the terminology I’ve used above is not correct or precise.  I’m just an amateur, not a sound engineer.



I can't tell much about dCS Purcell - I do not know their technology and what they are doing to make things sound better.

Theoretically, converting 44.1/16 to 192/32 should sound the same.

However, since low-end playback systems usually do not sound well with 44.1kHz sample rate, converting to 192kHz may produce much better sound on the same low-end playback system.  This is the only source of quality improvement I can think of.

As for the dithering, you do not need it at all when converting from 16 to 32-bits.

DVD-Audio does not support 32 bit fp.

It is a maximum of 24/192 for stereo.....

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