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First I would like to say thank you for creating a very useful tool in the form of r8brain PRO.  It really is a great SRC.

I am using the latest version (downloaded 6/21/06) and have a problem with truncated output files.  My input files are 96k/32bit float, output files are 44.1k/32 bit float.  Input file length is appox 2 gig, output file length is appox 900+ meg.  I am using min phase filter for src.

I assume that somewhere in the internal src process, there is a larger than 4 gig file being created and then truncated by Windows XP pro.  However, I've read somewhere in this forum that I should get an error message alerting me to this problem prior to the SRC process beginning.  I do not and it is a long, multi step process to wait through.

So I am wondering if there is something that I am missing here?  Just curious.  I work around the problem by splitting my 96k CD wave file into two parts, doing the src on each part, and them reassemling them in the DAW at 44.1k/32bit float.  It works, but it is a bit of a PIA and I am wondering if there is a way to avoid this.

Thanks again for the great product, and for any light you can shed on the subject of file length and r8brain PRO.


Fred Forssll

I think that output file length should be nearly 900 meg at 44.1kHz if your input file is 2 GB at 96k.  So, I can't see a problem in this scenario (upsampling is a different story).  Make sure your original file is not cut in a similar manner (it can be true that your 96k file may have been already created by audio app with chopped off ending).

Hello Aleksey,

I just tested this again and the output file is truncated by about 7 minutes.

I'm using r8brain PRO v 1.4 Full.

The orginal file (54 minutes 96k/32b) is 2.147 gig.

The output file (46 minutes 44.1k/32b) is 986 meg.

The orginal wave file loads into the daw (Samplitude Pro v8.3) correctly and is not truncated.

The output file loads and plays fine, but is truncated by appox 7 minutes.

I've tried LP and MP filters, and with/without the "prevent clipping" option.  All truncate at the same point.

Any ideas?


Fred Forssell

Please print the exact file length in bytes (it should be a long number).  I'll try to replicate this truncation myself and try to fix it.

By the way, 2.147 GB * 44.1 / 96 is exactly 986 MB.

Maybe the original file was split into two files?  As far as I know, some programs do split long Wave files into several files while offering 'transparent' work with the sections.

While r8brain PRO of course, does not know about such split sections.

According to calculations your original file should be 2.373 GB in size - so your file was probably indeed split into two sections.

Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for the replies.

Orginal files are not split.  There is only one 96k wave file in the directory.  Its size is 2,147,421,466 bytes.  The output file is 986,471,068 bytes.  These are the files sizes not the space taken on the disk (which is just a bit bigger than these numbers).  This info is from the "properties" window after right-click on the file name.

I hope this info helps.

Fred Forssell

But unfortunately, I cannot detect a problem.  As I've said, 2147421466 / 96000 * 44100 is 986471735 - extremely close to output file length you get.  So, given the original file length and output/input filesize ratio, you should get what you are getting, no more, no less.

That means the remaining part is stored somewhere else.  And this part may not even have the WAV extension.

One option for you is to export this original file to Wave64 format. r8brain PRO should convert it then without truncation taking place.


You are correct.  Further investigation shows that Samplitude does indeed split files over 2 gig into two pieces.  The second piece containing the truncated data is stored with a file extension of *.W01.  Changing this to *.wav shows that it is, in fact, the missing file fragment.

Thank you again for your help and patience.

Fred Forssell

You are welcome.  Please try Wave64 way I've mentioned, because converting two wave segments independently may produce a minor click when you recombine two converted files.
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