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Just wanted to say thank you to Aleksey for this amazing software!  I truly love the sound quality of the conversion.  I've just started a semi-serious mastering business and will be expanding later this year (building a studio from scratch, adding new speakers etc) and the sample rate conversion is VITAL in this process as I've been getting more stem work lately.  R8brain free has been serving me well but now it is time to upgrade!  I mainly noticed the difference when converting up to 8 stems.  8x conversion with r8brain free versus 8x conversion with r8brain pro = noticeable difference indeed!



You are welcome, and thank you for your purchase!

BTW, what's 8x stem ? ( I assume 'stem' is a mix subgroup? )

Yes, stem = part of a mix.. usually in mastering one might get Bass, Drums and Vocals separately as stereo bounces + the rest of the mix.  This allows for some final adjustments and more precise corrections.  Personally I'm not very fond of this at all as it makes the mastering enginer become more of a "universal" mix/master enginer and takes a lot more time but it does help inexperienced people with bad sounding mixes.

I just got a mastering project that was sent as 8 separate stereo files.  As I always upsample everything to 96kHz I finally had to cave in for R8brain pro as the cumulative effect of the free version was quite noticeable.  It also worked as a good excuse for the wife. ;)



It's awesome, isn't it!

When you downsample again for the CD - can I suggest you try MinPhase instead of LinPhase, and use Ultra Steep Slpoe?

Might be a good idea to do some A/B comparisons, but I have found that MinPhase just sounds so much warmer to me - more human.

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MinPhase definitely differs from LinPhase.  MinPhase actually sounds a bit like High Quality mode available in some Voxengo plug-ins.  It adds some invisible shine - due to a slightly raising group delay towards cut-off (highest) frequency.

Yes, I've been using MinPhase all the time.  I did some A/B tests and seem to prefer it.  I did the whole stem up/down sampling with minphase too.  I will have to experiment some more to learn the true differences.



I too just purchased r8Brain and have done some listening tests in the past few days.  First of all I would like to state that this software is without a doubt the biggest improvement I have heard in being able to make acceptable sounding CDs.  CD's that sound much closer to my original DAW original track output.  The differences between Lin phase and Min phase is quite remarkable.  Super clean digital vs. analog-like.  Both are excellent but I think that something right in the middle might be the best of both.  Med phase?  A little more upper mid-top end and a little less full bass.  Thanks for your excellent product Aleksey.

Right now I cannot offer anything like 'med-phase', but I'll try to find a solution in the future.  I think it should be possible to 'crossfade' between linear- and minimum-phase filter on internal filter design stage.
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