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I'm a converting some large 48/16 wav files (1.4-1.8 GB) to 44.1/16.

I know files toward the lower size convert just fine to 44/16, but given the size requirements of intermediate processing, I'm not so sure about files approaching the 2 GB limit.

Can the size limits for the various combinations of samplerate/bitdepth conversions be (at least somewhat) defined?

In the latest version 1.3.1 intermediate processing may use up to 2.5 times more space than the original file, but not more than that.  It is less than that if your original file is 32-bit one.

I have implemented warning messages if conversion will end up taking more than 4 GB file size limit.

This is a good point - do you think you'll add support for larger than 4Gb WAV?

There is a new format for this - RF64.

I'll mail you the specs.....

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I will be supporting Wave64 format.
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