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I am running a project mastering studio incorperating a variety of hardware and software processing.

We are mostly doing electronica (i.e.  LOUD)...

Am I right in thinking that if I want to utilising 96k conversion then the correct procedure would be as follows -

Load in track to be mastered at 32bit 96k, bouncing out through the Manley to a 32bit 96k file, then reducing wordlength from 96 to 44.1 in r8brain, then dithering down with program of choice?

Bear in mind that a lot of our customers want volume (not all, but in this case, lets assume that is what we are going for)... so, if it is suggested that we reduce the peak level to protect agains overs in the SRC stage, that I would then lightly use a limiter afterwards to bring the signal back up?  Then dither?  If I was doing it this way, I take it would be safe to not reduce before SRC but relimit any introduced overs before final dither?

Yes, you've got it right.

Manley 32/96 output >>> r8brain PRO 32/44.1 with 'normalize' option >>> audio editor with peak-limiter >>> bit-depth reduction to 16-bits using favorite bit-reducer.

You'll get a 16/44.1 file with a desired volume and minimal distortion that way.

I suggest using Elephant limiter at 4x oversampling and -0.3 dB safety output level setting.  If you really want loudness you may leave the output at 0 dB.

Thanks for the response...

If I am going to import it into wavelab after r8brain at 32 bits do I need to use the normalise function?  Just trying to minimise additional processing steps whenever possiable...

Yes, use of normalize option is desired in order to reduce occasional clipping.  You may bring the levels back using the peak-limiter.

So - will it be r8brain itself clipping, or more the potential for something down the line to clip?

r8brain itself is not clipping, but if you pass a file with some over 0 dBFS peaks, audio editor may clip it for you.

I would have thought that the Normalize option would not be required to prevent clipping, as there is a separate function for this.

Also, best to use the current Beta with Ultra Steep Slope function.

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Ah, indeed - actually, I've meant 'Prevent clipping' option.  Normalize option is not the same, of course.
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