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Hi i'm using r8brian pro light and am having problems trying to convert a 1.5gb 96khz 16 bit file to 44 16 bit.  When processing r8brian goes through the first pass in about an hour (with steep filter on) then the second pass goes through in about a couple of minutes and the resultant file is only 20mb big and silent.  Any ideas?  The original 96khz file was rendered from Sonar 5.



Unfortunately, this is caused by fundamental limitation of the WAV file format which cannot hold more than 4GB of data.

Since conversion from 96kHz to 44.1kHz at the first intermediate step requires 2.625 times the original file size, having 1.5 GB input file is very close to that 4GB limit and most likely exceeds it.

I would suggest you to convert smaller files (below 1.4 GB).

I'm sorry for this inconvenience and I hope to fix that once and for all by introducing Wave64 format support to r8brain PRO.

Thanks for that Aleksey, i figure it may have been to do with the large file size, so i split it into two and the conversion worked as normal.  I look forward to an update one day but in the mean time it's a great tool.  I originally purchased the r8brain pro lite licence but i hear people saying good things about the minphase option, is it possible to pay the extra to gain an upgrade?

Thanks again


Please send me a message to with your original r8brain PRO light name and product key.  I'll send you a link for an upgrade.
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