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i am working with Polysquasher v1.3.  Have to say this Comp sounds very nice, clean and somethimes i think: is this a compressor ?

Regarding Parallel compression i am doing something wrong or this is implemented in a different way.  I like to add to the clean signal some of the compression and not lilke it is now to the Compressed signal some Clean

signal.  Parallel compression works opposite.

Am i doing something wrong or is thin not possible with the Polysquasher ?




Parallel compression works right in Polysquasher.  It adds the original signal to the compressed output and as a result it lowers the 'swing' of compression - you can see this on the scope display.  There is no difference what you add to what - compressed signal to original or original to compressed.

If you are saying that you prefer the sound and technique of adding the compressed signal to the clean signal then you can start with the DRY knob at 0dB and dial in more the compressed parallel sound to taste.

This may sound better to you than beginning with the DRY knob at -infdB (default) and starting with a 100% compressed sound.

I work this way with exciters too - it is better for me to hear the 100% clean signal and mix a little in a little in parallel than to start with 100% wet signal and keep dialing in more ear candy.

hi alekxey and kylen,

thanks for your quick replies but it is still no clear to me.

ok, so when i start at 0db (Dry knob), does that mean this is 100% Dry signal ?? why is it 6db louder than on -infdB ???

So turning the know to the minus (left) directions means adding compression and -infdB would be 100% compressed signal !?

Going in the + range makes no sense to me then.

best regards


Andreas, Dry @ -inf dB is 100% compression.  Dry @ 0 dB is 50/50 compression/dry signal.  You get 6 dB louder signal because dry and compressed signals get summed yielding this 6 dB boost.

Hi Alekyey,

sorry but this is still confusing. the knob then should knot be called "Dry"

i´d like to have a 20/80 compression/dry signal constellation. when i turn the knob to the right, signal level is rising enoumous.  So for a dry signal i have to turn "Dry" to +48dB and Out to -48db.

I like to do it the way "Bob Katz" is desribing the "paralles comp."

It works, but it is a little inconvienient this way.

but thanks for your reply.


I think parallel compression in a way it is implemented is enough for most purposes.  I do not see a need for getting a 100% Dry signal.

Moreover, since Dry/Wet levels are defined in dB (log scale) mix percentage is not a meaningful measurement.

Hi Aleksey,

yes it is inplemented and it works, just is to confusing.  More designed in a programmers than a user view.  Anyway great to have it in the plugin,

most user anyway will have no idea what to do with it ;)

greetings and keep it up


I disagree ak23 - I'm pretty dense and I figured it out - mostly... :)

I think it is maybe easier to get if you've been in the habit of cloning a track so that you have 2 duplicate copies.  The engineering gurus call this multing - one track is dry, the other track has a compressor on it smashing it to hell or at least to Cincinnati (I can say that :) ).  Then you mix up the dry & compressed side to taste to simulate Bob Katz 'upward compression'.

The only thing I see is different in Polysquasher is Aleksey says that if the dry knob is at 0dB then you have a 50%dry/50%wet.  My feeling is at 0dB dry I seem to have 100% dry and 0% wet in the output - the Mon Gain window indicates 0dB average compression and the Max compression indicator sits at 0.1dB which seems to be minimum.  The Mon In window indicates there is no compression happening I have a bit of ingonance in this area still.

I guess there is a shortcoming in the compression display present.  When you add a dry signal to the compressed one, overall gain reduction lowers (i.e. it becomes gain boost instead).  Since Polysquasher's display shows reduction only, it cannot show gain boost.  Seems like I have to update this behavior in the future.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.