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If, you could add the actual transfer function graph, it would make a tuning this compressor a bit easier for us, users.  I'm sure, people have no idea about the actual ratio when they are moving the Ratio parameter.  It's one of the reasons why setting up this compressor is difficult.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I think that since a real-time gain reduction graph is available, there is little difficulty in tuning this compressor present.

I guess you are right.  I was just surprised to find out that the actual ratio value is quite far from the Ratio knob reading.  So, if I set 2:1 on GUI, the actual ration can be 8:1 or even negative (depends on the Mode).  That is very misleading.  It also makes comparing the Polysquasher to other compressors very problematic.

Or how about this - you leave a single Ratio knob that shows the actual values (from negative to positive) and get rid off the Function.  One mystery less for us, users.

Polysqusher is an interesting compressor.  But getting a good result out of it is kind of random.

I plan to release a major update to this compressor which will feature a simplified modes, it is much more predicable.

Cool!  Please, consider adding a linear transfer function (the one that looks straight in the linear scale).  It has a specific sagging shape when transferred into the logarithmic scale.  Probably, the best choice for a general and transparent compression.

BTW always wanted to ask - what is "poly" about this compressor?


Vitaly2: BTW always wanted to ask - what is ''poly'' about this compressor?

It's called that way because of several compressors with varying attack/release time running in tandem.

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